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A world-class team of top economists, industry experts, and IT specialists to win the legislative battles.

  • "Number rules the universe". - Pythagoras

    John Dunham

    John Dunham is the President of John Dunham & Associates. John specializes in the economics of how public policy issues affect products and services. He has conducted hundreds of studies on taxes and regulation. He is a regular commentator on U.S. economic conditions. His research has been published in a number of refereed journals including […] Read more
  • "Numbers constitute the only universal language". -Nathanael West

    Sean Reilly

    Sean Reilly joined John Dunham & Associates in 2011 and is responsible for economic research, statistical analysis, data management and business development. Prior to joining the firm, Sean was Vice President, Public Relations and Research at the Can Manufacturers Institute. Sean was educated at George Mason University where he earned both a Bachelor of Arts in […] Read more
  • "Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas". - Albert Einstein

    Lynda LaMonte Garmong

    Lynda LaMonte Garmong joined John Dunham & Associates in 2010 and is responsible for marketing, communications, business development and client relations. Prior to joining the firm, she was Director, Issue Management for UST Public Affairs. Lynda graduated from St. Lawrence University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She is based in New York. Read more
  • "In God we trust. All others must bring data." –W. Edwards Deming.

    Michael Flaherty

    Michael Flaherty is an economist and economics instructor. He has worked with John Dunham & Associates since 2013, where he has conducted dozens of economic impact analyses for a wide variety of businesses, industry groups, and non-profits. Michael received his PhD in Economics in 2022 from The New School in New York. He is currently […] Read more
  • "Statisticians, like artists, have the bad habit of falling in love with their models." –George Box

    Jade Holston-Green

    Jade Holston-Green joined John Dunham & Associates in 2016 and is responsible for economic analysis, research and writing. Before joining JDA, she earned Bachelors of Science from the University of Wyoming where she double majored in Economics and International Studies. She is based in New York. Read more
  • "Those who ignore Statistics are condemned to reinvent it." – Brad Efron

    Kamila Sultanova

    Kamila Sultanova joined John Dunham & Associates full time  in 2019 and is responsible for economic analysis, research and writing. Prior to joining the firm, Kamila was a Head of Legal Department at the Somon Air. Kamila was educated at Russian Tajik Slavic University where she earned a Master’s of Studies in Law. She is […] Read more
  • "A great leader will never sacrifice the people for the numbers". - Simon Sinek

    Alison Blackman Dunham

    Alison Blackman Dunham is a founding partner of John Dunham & Associates. She is a freelance writer who advises the firm on communications and financial matters. She graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Music History and received a Masters in Public Administration from New York University. She is based in Florida. Read more


In 30 seconds you can walk into a legislator’s or regulator’s office and demonstrate your company’s, industry’s, trade association’s, or non-profit’s economic impact on smart phone or tablet.

At JDA we develop and tell stories about our clients’ industries, and we support those stories with economic data. For more information click the button below and download a copy of our brochure today.

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